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How to Choose your Perfect Family Photographer

5 Things You Need to Know when Choosing a Family Photographer

When it comes to family photos, most people (like me) put them at the bottom of the to-do list. I never organised maternity photos and only organised photos of my son when he was 12 months old.... and I'm a photographer!

Life is hectic, you have higher priorities and sometimes it just seems too hard. Especially when you start looking for a photographer. There are many talented family photographers available and choosing the right one can be difficult, but so important. Here are my top strategies for finding the perfect family photographer that works for you and your family.

Toddler girl standing in grass wearing a pink dress with parents sitting in the background

#1 - Align your Style

The first thing you need to suss out is their style. Are you looking for a lifestyle photographer, who typically shoots outdoors and in natural settings? Or are you searching for a studio setup where the lighting and weather are controlled? Some photographers offer both of these options, while others specialise in particular styles. It's also important to be aware of a photographers' editing style. You may be drawn to light and airy edits or prefer the dark and moodier style. Make sure to review a photographer's work and look for consistency before you book.

Toddler girl dancing with her mum in a field of golden light in Merewether Newcastle

#2 - Experience with Kids

If your family has little ones around, you need to choose a photographer that is comfortable working with kids. As many of you know, children are unpredictable and there is always a high chance they won't play ball when the time comes for family photos. Your photographer needs to know how to interact with them, when to give them breaks and how to break through a hard exterior to capture a genuine smile.

For example, I recently photographed little Daisy and her mum for the Mothers Day Mini Sessions (see images below). She did NOT want to sit still, or be held, or do what mum wanted :) However, I automatically jumped in and bounced around like an idiot to distract her and generate some smiles.... and it worked. So don't be afraid to investigate the photographer's personality a bit first.

#3 - Turn Around Time

Some people tend to schedule family photos so they can be used as a gift for someone, which is a great idea! However, if you have a deadline for the intended use of your photos, you need to check the turnaround time first. If you choose a photographer who also shoots weddings, they tend to be really busy in the warmer months when lots of weddings are booked. This means you may be waiting a lot longer than you'd like to get your hands on your printed memories.

#4 - Pricing

Most of the time I'd say that the decision of booking a photographer is so much more than cost, but let's be realistic, it's an important factor. You may love someone's work, research them, and book a session before you realise you can't afford them. Most photographers are pretty upfront with their costs, but occasionally you can come across some who will charge for a session fee and then charge extra for the digital copies. This is totally fine, as long as they are upfront about it. With photography, you often get what you paid for. So don't expect to pay next to nothing and expect magnificent photos.

#5 - Reviews and Research

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a family photographer is to do your research. Have a look at their reviews and read the comments. If someone has a bad experience, they will surely let others know. Read the comments, watch the IG stories and try to really get a feel for who the person is. At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable with your photographer especially if you have kids. If you and your family are comfortable, you will relax and enjoy the experience together which makes for really beautiful memories and photographs.

I really hope these tips help you in making the decision to choose your family photographer. If you know of someone who might benefit from giving this a read, feel free to share it around!

If you have any questions at all, or just want to say hi, shoot me a message here.

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