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Nadeen + Blake - Newcastle Elopement

"Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful! You did such a perfect job, we are so so lucky to have you photograph our special day!" - Nadeen + Blake
Newcastle Elopement at Glenrock Reserve

Nadeen + Blake were meant to be hitched earlier in the year in Nadeen's home country of New Zealand, but the universe had other plans ;) Cue the backup plan - an intimate elopement in Newcastle.

I met these two lovers a few years ago as Blake is a friend of my husband. The moment I met Nadeen, I could instantly see the connection they had. Both smiling at each other like they all knew something we didn't; as if their love story was hidden from everyone else, out of sight and just for them.

Newcastle Elopement at Glenrock Reserve

When Covid hit, their plans of traveling to New Zealand for their wedding were sadly put on hold. And instead of waiting for things to clear up, they decided to get hitched here instead. And even though it wasn't exactly what they had in mind, the intimacy and simplicity of their day was something pretty special.

They planned their Newcastle elopement to be stress-free, but memorable. With a ceremony at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Hamilton, we then braved the wind for photos at Glenrock Reserve before they had a small dinner with family.

They plan to return to NZ in the future and plan the reception they couldn't have. And after putting everything on hold, I'm sure it will be a party to remember.