• Kirrilly

Steph + Chris - Paradise Botanical Gardens Wedding

Man kissing bride on forehead whie standing in front of green ferns

Kirrilly was a deadset legend. Not only are her photos STUNNING! But on the day of our wedding, she was so supportive! She made the day magic and captured it perfectly !! - Steph

You know those relaxing summer days where time slows down and the fun lasts forever? Steph and Chris's wedding was exactly that - a day of chilled-out fun that you don't want to end!

When I first spoke to Steph, she was adamant about 2 things for her day; She didn't want to spend the whole day away from her guests taking photos, and she wanted it to be a very relaxed and fun day. Being pregnant at the time, she wasn't too keen about standing for long periods which I completely understood - as I was pregnant also :)

Bride, groom and bridal party walking together in a line at Paradise botanical gardens wedding

As they lived in Sydney and her family in Newcastle, Steph and Chris chose to meet halfway and booked a beautiful Central Coast wedding venue, Paradise Botanical Gardens in Kulnura. This stunning garden wedding venue encompasses over 20 acres of lush plants and aromatic flowers, which made for the perfect backdrop for their day. What's great about this venue is that you need very minimal styling for a wedding, as it's already covered in flowers and greenery!

Steph and Chris chose to be married outdoors near the property's rustic Roman columns, with their closest family and friends present. Steph being a school teacher, also invited her children to attend as well. Seeing so many of her kids turn up and cheer her on was amazing! What was also amazing was their cat being walked down the aisle as the ring bearer :)

Bride unclipping harness from cat at garden wedding

After the ceremony, we wandered the gardens along with their bridal party for photos, discovering little hideaways and intimate gardens around every corner. After their photos, we headed back to the garden marquee where they had a delicious buffet of food supplied by the very talented Sugar & Thyme catering.

Lunch buffet with rolls and fresh salads

They spent the afternoon relaxing and chatting with guests, as children ran and played around them. The manager James even brought his horses out to entertain the kids, which amused the adults also.

Both Steph and Chris were so relaxed for their big day, ensuring everything was stress-free and nothing was a problem. Their wedding felt like a big festival that I didn't want to leave - especially as I was being told to eat more cake by the Mother of the Bride. That's something I'll never say no to..... eating more cake ;)

Thanks for having me along Steph and Chris! I loved being a part of your big day xx