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Gabriella - Cake Smash Photography Newcastle

Little Gabriella turned 1 on the 5th of October, and naturally, a cake smash was needed to celebrate!

Before I started getting into photography seriously, I always doubted the need for a cake smash for a one-year-old and thought it was a highly unnecessary waste of good cake! However, it didn't take long to change my mind. After one cake smash photo shoot, I saw how much fun kids can have whilst destroying something so pretty. The faces they make, the excitement of been allowed to go nuts on the cake, and the sugar rush on their faces once they tasted the icing. It was totally worth it.

Cake smash photoshoot Newcastle cake, covered in pink and white flowers on the beach

Monica reached out to me to capture her daughter's 1st birthday cake smash. We decided that a beachside location in Port Stephens would be perfect. After deciding on props, clothing, and the cake, we met up on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

Gabriella didn't take long to warm up to me. Within about 3 minutes she was scrunching the sand and trying to show it to me. This is one of the many things I love about my job. Being able to spend time with such amazing little humans and see what makes them smile.

Gabriella wasn't too sure about the cake to start off with and was more interested in the decorative flowers and props. After chewing on a few plastic flowers, she dove into the cake with two hands, loving the texture mixed in with sand. It made for some entertaining photos!

After losing interest in the cake, she walked and stumbled across the sand towards the water, where she splashed and played. All smiles and laughter, even on minimal sleep that day.

Gabriella was such a great little person throughout the afternoon and was happy to play along with the photo shoot. Monica has raised such a bright and bubbly little girl, and it was a pleasure to work with her and her daughter.