• Kirrilly

Port Stephens Elopement Styled Shoot

One of the many trends coming out of the current pandemic is elopements.

They're smaller, cheaper, and generally easier to organise (or reschedule if needed).

So it's not surprising to see so many more couples opting to keep things small and intimate with choosing to elope in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

So jumping on the bandwagon, I convinced two of my photogenic, engaged friends to model in an elopement-styled shoot for me in Port Stephens.

Intimate elopement on Port Stephens beach at sunset

Blake and Nadine plan to get hitched in New Zealand soon where Nadine's family is located. Both hadn't been in front of the camera much before, so it was the perfect practice before their big day. And from spending the afternoon together, I have no doubt their own wedding photos will be incredible.

Married couple sitting together on rocky edge of Port Stephens beach at sunset

These guys are truly an awesome couple, who complement each other perfectly. They had these little moments together, where they shared little smiles and looks at each other. Almost as if they could read each other's thoughts. They moved smoothly around each other, like the waves of the ocean rolling in and out. And you can't tell, but it was bloody freezing beside the ocean, and they didn't whinge once!

Blake and Nadine make a great team and I'm sure married life will be no different for them. And from the magic we created during our shoot, it makes me so excited to see their real wedding photos <3