• Kirrilly

Russell-Morris Family - Port Stephens Family Photography

"The photos are fantastic!!! Love 💕 love, love them! Thank you so much!" - Nicole

As we get stuck into the new year, I'm already needing to remind myself on what my New Years' resolution was; to prioritise quality time over quantity time with my family.

2021 allowed me to spend a LOT more time with my two favourite people, occasionally a little too much. But one day ran into the next, a week would go by and I found myself still missing that connection. The connection to your loved ones that makes you feel whole.

So this year, I'm all about appreciating those little moments with my family. The moments where my son runs around the lounge room with underwear on his head. Or when all three of us actually sit down for a meal together and chat about our day. Quality over quantity.

One family I photographed towards the end of 2021 that truly appreciated quality time, was the Russell-Morris Family. Nicole and her two girls spent the afternoon with me for a family photography session at Port Stephens Birubi beach, and it was honestly one of the best sessions of the year.

Nicole and I spoke before the session about how she wanted some 'unposed, natural, and candid shots of her with her girls. Excellent, I thought.... because that's what I do :) She also warned me that her girls weren't fans of sitting still much, and would desperately try and get into the water immediately. So the mission was to capture as many shots as I could before they turned into mermaids. I think they lasted about 4 minutes before they were in the water. But it made for some great photos.

Nicole wasn't phased and didn't stress about her girls getting soaked. She enjoyed the water with them, splashing about and chasing them around the sand. Both the girls were delighted to have mum join in the fun, which you can tell from the cheshire grins on all their faces.

Nicole and her girls had such a great afternoon, not sweating the small stuff and enjoying each other's company. Covered in sand and dripping wet, they eventually were dragged out of the water. Smiling, and laughing, and embracing the quality connection to each other.

Every time I look at these photos. this amazing mum and her girls inspire me.

To enjoy the little moments.

To not be afraid of a little mess.

And to cherish your family every chance you get.