• Kirrilly

Sam + Fran - Nelson Bay Proposal

For years, Nelson Bay and the Port Stephens NSW area have been a hugely popular holiday destination for people traveling from far and wide. With the many pristine beaches, relaxed local culture, and incredible food, the appeal is obvious. So the idea of planning a proposal for your partner among the stunning scenery is ideal.

Sunset Nelson Bay Proposal photos

Sam reached out to me many months ago enquiring about organising a surprise session for his proposal to Fran. Traveling from Sydney, they were planning a Port Stephens holiday to the Nelson Bay area, and Sam wanted to top off their weekend with the perfect surprise.

We got to work, planning every detail of the surprise down to little hints to throw Fran off the scent. Sam had organised a message in a bottle to pop the question, which he sent to me beforehand. Deciding on Box Beach for our location, I arrived early on the scene to place the bottle along their path, ready for Fran to find it. Then proceeded to hide in the bushes and wait for their arrival. But things didn't exactly go to plan.

Message in a bottle on the sand at the beach

Even though the beach is a stunning location, it is notorious for having terrible phone reception. So the messages Sam sent to me to inform me they were running late, didn't arrive. I'm sure I looked like a bit of an idiot waiting in the bushes like a ninja for about 40 minutes :) When they did arrive, it wasn't a romantic stroll along the sand like we had planned. The weather that day turned cold and windy as the sun started to set, so the beach wasn't a great location. And like any sane woman, Fran wasn't particularly pleased about walking along the freezing sand with gale-force winds!

Nevertheless, Sam persevered and convinced her to walk along the gusty beach. Finally arriving at their destination, Sam got down on one knee and popped the question. That was my cue to run out and capture the moment.

All Sam's hard work paid off, with Fran ecstatically saying 'Yes!' to his proposal, and being completely blown away by the surprise. I was able to photograph their excitement together and capture some beautiful and genuine moments of their experience.

It was such an honour to be a part of the process and execution of Sam's proposal, and even better to witness Fran's reaction and excitement of the event. They LOVED their weekend getaway to our little slice of paradise - so much that I may be able to convince them to consider a Nelson Bay wedding :)