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The Best Outfit Colours for Photoshoots

Have you booked a photo session and want to look fabulous? Are you freaking out about what to wear and what will work? Then read on for my top tips for working with colours and dressing your best.

Mother tickles son with father on sand dunes at Birubi Beach

Tip #1: Choose Complimentary or Analogous Colours

You may think that dressing in matching denim jeans and white shirts is the way to go. But let me tell you now, those days are gone. There is nothing that screams more 90's than matching outfits and also removes any personality from your session. The best outfits for family photos are complimentary or analogous colours.

Complementary colours sit across from one another on the colour wheel (ie. blue and orange, red and green). These colours create visual harmony and natural contrast that our eyes find very appealing.

Complimentary colours for photoshoot outfits
Woman in red dress standing in lush green forest for maternity shoot Newcastle

Notice how the red really stands out against the greenery in the background? Our eyes are drawn to the contrasting colours.

Analogous colours however are more subtle and less about contrast. These colours are next to each other on the colour wheel and are more soothing to the human eye as they share a common hue (ie. red and orange, or green and blue).

Analogous colours for photoshoot outfits
Mother kissing baby on forehead whilst sitting on sand dunes in Port Stephens

The colours in this image (pink, red and orange) are all of a similar hue and match nicely with the sunset skies.

Tip #2: Think of Your Surroundings

It's always best to plan your outfits around the location of your session and the weather forecast. If your session is planned for the beach, a fluro orange dress will stand out in a negative way. Aim to complement your outfit with the surroundings. Neutral, earthy tones and metallics tend to complement most outdoor environments. The family in the image below chose shades of blue and earthy colours which harmonise with the colours of the sand and ocean.

Parents holding toddler son's hands as they walk through the water for Newcastle family photography

Below is another great example of choosing colours for your surroundings. The Analogous colours all share warm tones which complement the colours of the sand dunes nicely.

Mother holding son in her arms, standing on the sand dunes of Birubi beach Port Stephens

Tip #3: Limit Patterns and Prints

Now when I say this, I don't mean to just stick to plain colours only. Certainly, incorporate patterns and prints into your outfits, but sparingly. Smaller patterns or simple florals work really well when they complement your photoshoot location. But be careful not to add too much. Less is more when it comes to patterns and prints, as it can be quite difficult to get it right. Remember to ensure that the patterns you choose aren't too bold as they can make you stand out much more than anyone else in the session.

Couple embrace while standing in the ocean at sunset for Newcastle couple photography

This couple used patterns in the male's shirt that complimented the colours in her dress. A perfect example of choosing patterns wisely!

Engaged couple practice wedding dance for Newcastle wedding photography

When it comes to your photo session, I always recommend bringing a few outfit options with you. This allows us to play around with colours and textures and to find the perfect combo. This is especially a good idea if you have young children, as often something will get dirty during the shoot.

Need a hand choosing the best outfit colours for your photoshoot? Drop me an email here, I'm happy to help :)