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Kym + Steven - Newcastle Couples Photography

Valentines Day may be an American tradition, but I still think there's something really special about showing your special someone how much you love them. And it doesn't even have to be on February 14. But sometimes having a dedicated day already set out does make it easier.

So to celebrate the day of love and affection, I held a little photoshoot giveaway! And this beautiful couple won.

Woman leans on husbands shoulder in front of beach at Anna Bay

Kymberley and Steven were an awesome couple. Extremely chilled and just enjoyed each other's company! A photographer's dream to capture :) I think they were also loving time just to themselves without their 3 children - something parents rarely get to enjoy!

This is what I wanted their session to be - fun and relaxed. I let Kym and Steve be themselves as I lurked around like an inconspicuous third wheel. That's when you can catch the real magic.

Kym and Steve really embraced the idea of the session just being about the two of them. Nothing else mattered. And you could clearly see the deep affection and adoration they both have for one another.

Towards the end of the session, I encouraged a bit of playful wrestling. This may or may not have ended up with both of them in the water. And it wasn't long before it was like I wasn't even there. It was just a couple of big kids attempting to drown one another. Isn't love amazing?

Happy Valentine's day you lovebirds :)

Couple share a hug standing in the ocean for Newcastle wedding photographer