• Kirrilly

Meg + Duncan - The Edwards Newcastle Wedding

Aren't weddings awesome? You get to see two people who love each other immensely tie the knot, there's usually dancing, and copious amounts of food and alcohol.

Well, the wedding of the White couple certainly was!

It was held on a beautiful September day at the very stylish Newcastle Wedding venue The Edwards in Newcastle West.

Wedding rings placed besides greenery for Newcastle wedding

I met Duncan many years ago when I worked as a receptionist for him as a physiotherapist. He LOVED his coffee and was extremely passionate about health and helping people; he still is.

He reached out to me a few months ago about photographing his wedding to Meg and we met up for coffee. Within minutes I knew I wanted to be a part of their big day.

Meg was made for Duncan - beautiful, honest, and headstrong. It was like Duncan had found the perfect puzzle piece to complete his world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both Duncan and Meg knew their wedding was going to be a bit different. They opted for a brunch wedding, and instead of the usual dance floor, they chose a selection of old-school board games to entertain everyone. It worked like a charm and all the guests had a ball!

Little boy doing yoga poses during covid wedding in Newcastle

Unfortunately, Meg's bridal party was living in QLD and couldn't make it for the big day. So they adapted and set up zoom chat's on a TV in the reception. I have never met a more adaptable and chilled bride considering the circumstances. What's great about The Edwards as a Newcastle Wedding venue, is the options for customising the space and theme for the day. Meg was able to have things moved around easily to create a more warm and intimate environment for the reduced guest count.

There was so much smiling and happiness throughout the day that my cheeks hurt when I finished up. It was truly such an honour that these guys trusted me to capture their day. I loved every minute of it.